Simplicity and Practicality are the two major driving forces in every project that SCLA has ever been involved in. SCLA’s philosophy is not just about putting the right speakers in the right place, but also with the right attitude. Our experience in venue management and technical production has established us as one of the few consultants with compatible backgrounds in Entertainment, Arts and Media Facilities in the region.

SCLA works very closely with the Architect and Client/Operator to realize the working space and the practicality of the operational flow. Our hands‐on experience in managing venues and productions is a critical factor in supplementing the final design. We ensure our architectural designs and provisions enable the best operational conditions to carry out performances in the coming years.

SCLA believes that less is better with technology. We encourage our clients to re‐think the demands of “state of the art”. As SCLA members are active practitioners, we understand how to survive and succeed in the Entertainment, Arts and Media industries. Technological advancement is not necessarily the key. Available advanced technologies will certainly benefit the project with efficiency and deliver better performance; but only when those technologies are used wisely and correctly. SCLA technical designs always ensure simplicity as the basis of the operation.